“I chose to stay here because my older sisters stayed here as well, and they loved it. When I first moved in I knew nobody and I was in a completely different city. The very moment I stepped into this building I felt nothing but a huge sense of security. There has not been a single moment where I have felt scared of being alone in these apartments. You are surrounded by really good and honest people who genuinely care about you.”

Abigail Lee.

"I am so glad I chose the Queen Street Student Apartments over living at one of the university residences.  There is a really great balance of independent living and sense of community, with Jesus being the heart and reason we're here. Moving to a new city, away from the comforts of home and family was initially daunting, but the Apartments provided a warm and friendly transition to the independence of uni life. This, and the exceptional convenience of the apartments' location to university and the buzz of inner city happenings, was the reason I returned to the Apartments for another year."

Sarah Willis.

"I chose the Queen Street Student Apartments (for the second year in a row) because of the quiet environment and spacious apartment areas. The Apartments are set apart because of the Managers and the Board who care about the residents and their well-being. The Queen Street Student Apartments are like a second home and family."

Eleanor van Bysterveldt.

“This is my second year in the Apartments. I chose to live at this place because it was convenient, well maintained apartment but my second year to come back to the apartments was because it has an amazing community to live among. It feels a home away from home. I made some great friends here and living at this place helped me grow just not socially but spiritually as well.”

Aaman Singh .